Google Hosts Event Featuring Chrome OS

We here at Chrome Techa have been waiting on our toes for any word on the upcoming Chrome OS from Google. And Thursday of last week, it seems, we were scheduled to find out more.

PC World told us that Google had scheduled an event at their headquarters in Mountain View, California. This event would have apparently shed more light on the enigma that is thus far the Chrome operating system. The event kicked off at 6:00 p.m., presumably Pacific time.

That "leak" the other day must have gotten the old Google a bit flustered. Apparently some snoopers (not us, we would never do such a thing) found a file directory containing a version of the Chrome web browser that is built specifically for Chrome OS. You can read more about thathere.

So, was this the "release of source code in late 2009" that Google so nicely has promised us? We sure hope it was! However, Thursday passed us by and we heard no word from the Big G. Maybe it has something to do with the dis-invitation of the media. For some reason, Google shut down the media's registration process to attend the event. So we're out here in the cold waiting on a bit of news...
Stay tuned for details, we'll post them up as soon as we hear them.

Update: In the mean time, we have something for you! Check out that Chrome web browser build for Chrome OS that was grabbed from Google's development directory. It has a very interesting clock in the window bar, as well as a new logo in the top left corner... Download the Deb file here (installs on Linux OS's): Chrome browser for Chrome OS 
And it appears as though the even is on October 16, not 15. Thanks anyways, PC World!

Update 2: And silence... We're not sure if they actually had a presentation about Chrome OS at the event or not. They seemed to have locked the mainstream media out, with no invitations being sent out. Better luck next time!