This is Not the Chrome OS Beta

There has been an iso circulating the interwebs posing like it's the beta of Chrome OS. Well it's not, as much as we here at Chrome Techa want it to be. It's merely a build of OpenSuse Linux made with Suse Studio.

Suse Studio is a service were you can make custom build of the Linux distribution OpenSuse. The web application is actually pretty cool. It lets users pick and choose what software will be included in their operating system. It even lets you test it live. We have an account, but if you want one, you have to sign up and be invited. It seems as though Suse is still "adding capacity to SUSE Studio as fast as [they] can".

So some fan (hopefully) has created a "Chrome OS Beta" with SUSE Studio. And it's parading around the nets as the real thing. So when you run on to it, take it from us that it isn't Google's Chrome OS. In the word of the Engadget, it's just a "KIRF".

Even thought this fake was called out long ago, people are still circulating it like it is the real deal. But have no fear! Chrome Techa will bring you the first droplet of news that points to an official iso from Google themselves.