Chrome Browser: Fastest of the Browsers, Fastest on Linux

Two separate news pieces come to us today about Google's Chrome browser. Apparently, Chrome is the fastest browser available overall and performs best in its developer build form on GNU/Linux OS's (using X11 windowing system):

From LifeHacker we have this:
"Browser Speed Tests: The Windows 7 Results

Firefox 3.6 Beta 1, like every other browser, makes a claim to being "faster." We took Firefox and all the other latest browsers, put them on Windows 7, and ran them through our human-measured speed tests to vet the bragging." Continue reading at LifeHacker.com

And Slashdot sends word of this:

In a curious contrast to conventional wisdom, there are reports of X11 Chromium being faster than Windows or Mac versions" Continue reading at Slashdot.org

That's good news for us future users of Chrome OS. We'll have a beast of a browser to truck us around in the interwebs at break-neck speed!