Chrome Browser for Chrome OS (.deb package)

This Chrome version for Chrome OS was discovered a few weeks ago, but we found that it was somewhat difficult to obtain the actual Chrome for Chrome OS installation package (the .deb file). So we thought we would post up a screenshot of the browser in action (with our chosen theme on it).

Notice the small "x" beside the question mark in the top right-hand corner. This tells you "no networks available" if you hover on it. Just another sign of the power that will be given to the Chrome web browser in Chrome OS. It really will be your go to guy for all interaction with Chrome OS.

Speaking of this being a .deb file, we wonder if Chrome OS will be Debian based (Debian uses .deb files for installing programs, like .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac) ... We've seen some pretty awesome things done with Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions (like Ubuntu and xPUD). With all the distros that are based on it, we know that Debian can be a very flexible base to Chrome OS. And Chrome OS's completely "new windowing system" will insure that this isn't "just another Linux OS" like many people are predicting.

Here's the .deb file for you Linux users out there: Chrome Browser for Chrome OS .deb package