Chromium OS Testing: Gateway Laptop via USB Install

As you know, I have installed Chrome OS (Chromium OS) to a USB drive. I am now testing it on an old laptop of mine. Here are the specs for the machine:

Gateway MT6729
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (1.6 GHz)
160 GB HDD
Intel Graphics
15.4" screen
Atheros Wireless Internet

So after a few hours of playing around with Chromium OS, I have discovered the things that work and the things that do not work (for my machine).

Functioning Features
- Wired Internet connection
- Log in works as expected
- My Google credentials sign me into all Google web apps
- Flash video (with fullscreen mode)
- Audio works
- Most apps open as expected (malfunctions cited below)- The Books app takes you to a Google Books version of Alice In Wonderland :)
- Chromium OS did detect my USB mouse and it works properly, including the scroll wheel
-Surprisingly, the USB install of Chromium OS actually remembered by bookmarks after shutdown. I'm not sure if this is a "cloud"-based feature or if it is writing them to the drive somehow...
- The power button on the laptop causes a proper shutdown

Non-functioning Features
- The Contacts app oddly brings up Gmail Chat, I was expecting a shot to my contacts in Gmail instead
- The calculator would not load for me
- The "To-do list" brought up the old sign on for an @google.com account (which we do not have)
- Chess did bring up a Flash-powered web app for playing chess
- Wireless networking does not work in Chrome OS on my machine, as of now
-  There's an odd bug that will either sign me out or crash the browser every so often (does not seem to be on a set time interval).
- Other hardware buttons (i.e. volume, mute, media controls) do nothing

The State of Chromium OS: Week 1
All in all, Chromium OS is running much better than I would have predicted. I am using it on unsupported and untested hardware (not the recommended notebook) and it is a very early build. I am quite impressed with the speed of Chromium OS and how well it works even this early in the game. Have you booted your PC with Chromium OS? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

Edit: And as noted in the comments, a reader has booted Chrome OS on an even older (1.8 GHz single-core) rig. Read about his or her experience below.