Google to Hold Event This Thursday Showcasing Chrome OS

The Washington Post sends us word that Google will be holding a Chrome OS event this Thursday, the 19th of November. The event will supposedly involve a "complete overview" of Google's much-anticipated operating system. There will also be more details regarding the release of Chrome OS on netbooks and other hardware next year.

The Post insinuates that next year's launch on specific hardware will be the "complete" launch, making this week's event more of a mere showing. I think earlier predictions of a public beta will hold true and Google should be making Chrome OS available as a download soon after Thursday's event.

The event will be held at Google's California headquarters with Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Product Management at Google, doing the heavy talking. So what do you think? Will we get our hands on the magical Chrome OS the day after tomorrow? Let us hear it in the comments below!

[Via The Washington Post]