Install Chrome OS (64-bit version)

Oh how they are coming out of the woodwork now! Here is the latest Chrome OS build, created by our good friends over at Chromiumos64.org. As you might have gathered from their domain name, they have created a 64-bit version of Chrome OS for your enjoying.

However, the installation process seems a bit involved (it includes six 200 MB downloads). I would be happy to take the plunge, but the resident 64-bit machine (an AMD Turion 64 X2) is under lock and key. It isn't owned by me per say (another inhabitant of the Magna Techa group HQ owns it) and I'm not ready to go flipping tape decks on it just yet.

So get on it, you heiresses of the 32-bit era. Let us know what you find down there in the comments!
[Via Chromiumos64.org]