Is your computer acting odd? Check you startup items with AboutMyPC.net!

We all experience slowness with our PC from time to time. Is it a virus? Is it that new program we installed? It's hard to know sometimes. However, if you examine the each startup item that is present when your computer boots, you can figure out what is slowing it down.

But how do I know what this startup item is? you may ask. You just installed a a couple of new programs and your computer is slow all of a sudden. But when you check the names of startup items in your Windows system, you don't know what the names mean. Well AboutmyPC.net is here to help.

With AboutmyPC.net, you can check the names of each individual startup item and decide if it is something you want slowing down your computer during bootup. You can even research and find out if the startup item is malicious. Many viruses are detected by how they affect your computer at start up time. AboutMyPC.net can help you find out about and speed up your PC.

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