Techradar: 10 Things to Know About Google Chrome OS

Techradar.com has an interesting piece about Chrome OS. It covers 10 things that they think you should know about the upcoming operating system. We thought the question "So Microsoft need not worry about competition for Windows 7 then?" was interesting. We would say that MS most definitely does need to worry about Chrome OS. Techradar says "On the plus side for Microsoft, it will have at least 9 months to get market share and persuade people that they don't need an alternative to Windows 7." And they're going to need those 9 months.

Judging from our experience with Windows 7 (which you can read about here), in 9 months people are going to be clawing to get away from Microsoft's prettied-up Vista. It may sound cynical and like we hate Microsoft and Windows, but it's true. We're betting there will be plenty of users looking to Chrome OS to end their buggy, virus-ridden OS days. So check it out, and leave us a comment of anything other predictions about Chrome OS: 10 Things to Know About Google Chrome OS