Chrome OS Updated (Cherry Version)

Our faithful beast of a hacker, hexxeh, has come through again. And this time, it's you Broadcom wireless users that are in for joy.

Hexxeh announced his new Chromium OS build today, stating that "ChromeOS Cherry released with new Broadcom/Ralink support and many bugfixes! Broadcom WiFi works, but you need to wait about 5 minutes after booting to connect to a network." The new build is deemed "Cherry", apparently following the soda references that the last build (Chrome OS Diet) started.

Pretty cool. Maybe Google should hire this guy for PR? Or even for developing Chrome OS? Well, if you interested in installing "ChromeOS Cherry" you can download the USB image here: Chrome OS Cherry.
And we have some instructions for first time users here: Install Chrome OS to USB
Hexxeh, this better be all-natural cherry, not that artificial flavoring crap. Let us know how this build tastes to you down there in the comments!