Opera wants to put their browser in Chrome OS

It's obvious that Chrome OS will be (and already somewhat is) revolutionary to the world of computers. The operating system from Google will change the industry drastically if it gains popularity, and it looks like it will. However, there are still a few missing pieces of the puzzle for some users.

For example, what if I want to run an application that isn't a web application? What if I don't really want to use the Chrome web browser? Chrome is quick and efficient, but some people are accustomed to another browser and don't want to change. Well, Opera's chief standards officer, Charles McCathieNevile, says that won't be a problem, especially if you want to user the Opera browser instead of Chrome.

Opera says that they will be able to stick their browser in Chrome OS as an addon to Chrome. Then users will be able to use their familiar Opera browser functions and still enjoy a solid, fast Chrome OS. Opera seems to be doing exactly what software companies should do when the face of their industry changes. And that is develop new ways to remain part of the computing equation. Instead of shouting that Chrome OS will be a failure, why not stick your product or service in it and continue on with life?

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