Chrome OS Zero brings new features

Hexxeh, of hexxeh.net, has released yet another customized version of Chrome OS. Chrome OS Zero is once again bootable from a a USB drive, but has additional goodies added on by hexxeh. Here is his description of the new release:

  • Newer version of ChromiumOS code
  • Major speed improvements for many users
  • Reduced Broadcom delay
  • New artwork for the boot process
  • Full extension support
  • Reduced download size, clocks in at under 250MB
  • Still fits on a 1GB USB drive despite the new features
  • Beginnings of multi-language input (requires a little terminal work to add your language as there is no UI yet)
  • Quite a lot more!
You can download the new image here: Chrome OS Zero, and can follow my directions to install it here: Install Chrome OS Zero on a USB drive.

Now don't be shy, let us know how your Chrome OS Zero experience goes in the comments below!