Hexxeh releases ChromiumOS Flow

Hexxeh, the creator of Chromium OS images that are easy to boot from USB, has just released the latest version of his work, dubbed Flow. ChromiumOS Flow comes with a slew of new features, such as more video hardware support and automatic updates.

Here is the complete list of new additions, according to Hexxeh:

User-customisable menus (rearrange, add, delete apps on your own menu)
Automatic updates via the Velocity engine (with an all new interface from what you saw in the BETA, it’s now been integrated into the browser)
nVidia GPU support (this includes ION, and it’s fully hardware accelerated)
Realtek RTL8187SE support (RTL8192E is coming as an update soon)
Audio fix
Flash fix
Bookmark Sync fix
Power indicator fix (as long as it worked in Cherry)
Battery life improvements
Increased image size to 2GB (1GB was becoming too restrictive, needed to do this to add more hardware support, sorry!)
Webcam support (to test this, right click on a YouTube video and then click settings)
If you need a guide on how to get Flow running, we have a nice one here: Install Chrome OS to USB.

Simply download the new image and follow the rest of the instructions. Maybe this version will support our video card? Let us know how your experience goes.
You can check Hexxeh's announcement post here: It's Flow time