Chrome OS Event Initial Overview

Well, unfortunately, the VP of Product Management at Google,  Sundar Pichai, started today's event off by saying there is no beta of Chrome OS available yet. He then went into describing how far the Chrome web browser has come:

And now for the boot up! Pachai says that Chrome OS will aim for a 14 second boot-up.

Above is the first real screenshot of Chrome OS.
And for all you haters out there: Chrome OS will have Flash support. There were many doubts that this would happen, but it has.

Pichai explained that Chrome OS's goals where the same as Chrome's: 

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Security
Apps will be web-based, no installing. They will be tabs of the Chrome browser.

Matt Papakipos took the stage after Pichai to explain the development side of Google's operating system. The OS will have automatic updates, meaning no users are left behind with security vulnerabilities.  Papakipos also explained how Chrome OS will be different from current systems. He explained that if you get a new computer, you just log into Chrome OS on it and all of your data is there for your, waiting.

And here's the downer: "As a comsumer, you cannot download Chrome OS. You have to go buy a device with the system on it." Well that about does it for me. I thought we would be able to download and install Chrome OS. I mean, isn't that what open source is supposed to be about?
Continue on after the break for the Chrome OS event photo collection.

That's about it for now, but we will be sure to update you on any Chrome OS news we run across.