Do You Think It's Too Early for Chrome OS?

Garret Rogers over at ZDNet.com asks "is [the] imminent Chrome OS launch reckless?" He points out that early adopters of the operating system might be disappointed with what they find. Rogers predicts the initial Chrome OS release will be "barebones, bordering on useless".

You might have seen this coming, but we have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Rogers. It has been 4 months since Google announced Chrome OS. And we doubt they have been sitting on their hands. Google has legions of programmers (they did develop Android somehow, right?) that come to work everyday to do Google's Chrome OS bidding.

Four months is a long time to get an operating system together, especially one based on Linux. Just look at Ubuntu. They release a new version every 6 months. Rogers says "releasing 'early' is asking for dissatisfied early adopters". Should Google take a page from Microsoft's book? Wait 5 years like MS did before releasing Windows Vista? Not sure if you've noticed, Mr. Rogers, but that didn't turn out too well for Microsoft...

So we think an early "alpha" build is indicative of a great OS. Let the masses (or the nerds that know how to install OS's) test Chrome OS and tell Google what is wrong with it. Then they can fix it, toss it to some OEMs and get it to the market at large. Then everyone will be happy! So what do you think? Will the first release of Chrome OS disappoint users? Tell us in the comments!

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