Got a Dell Mini 10v? We've got a Chrome OS Image for You!

Recently, some developers at Dell have prepared a Chrome OS specially for the Dell Mini 10v. The Mini 10v is one of Dell's netbooks and is very close to the type of hardware that Google wants to use when Chrome OS is released to consumers.

So do you have a Dell Mini 10v? I don't, but I am downloading the USB image to inspect the changes that the Dell developers have made. Apparently they have gotten the wireless network feature in Chrome OS to play nice with Broadcom hardware. It's pretty cool to see employees of such a heavyweight as Dell playing with Chrome OS.

However, if you don't have a Mini 10v, you have time to buy one. And by that I mean, time to work at McDonald's, save up enough money to buy the netbook, and then wait until Chrome OS' final version is released. Unfortunately, this is due to the dismal download rate of the image. I have been downloading it for 18 hours and it has three days left running at 20 kB/s (it is a 7.5 GB file).

So has anyone tried the image out? If so, do you mind torrenting it and sharing the love? I will be sure to bring you my findings on the custom Chrome OS build as soon as I can get my hands on it. And if you already have, let us know what you think in the comments!

You can check out the post from Dell here:
Chrome OS Wi-Fi Support Running on a Mini 10v... Source Code Available