First Chrome OS Netbook

The news that Acer will be the first manufacturer to release a Chrome OS netbook is making the rounds about the interwebs. The world's second largest computer manufacturer (HP is number one) has announced that it is backing Google's Chrome OS and plans to ship a netbook featuring the system.

They haven't announced what the hardware will consist of, but I have to agree with Kevin Tofel over at jkOnTheRun.com. He proposes that Acer should wrap that Chrome OS around an ARM-based machine, which is a great idea. Think about it: Chrome OS is web-based, so users will be doing a lot of web browsing, which I do anyways. With its top-notch web-browser, the iPhone and iPod Touch are great little browsing machines. And they're powered by ARM CPUs. Also, they feature impressive battery life while browsing.

So think of a small-form notebook with ~15-hour battery life and a bigger screen than the iPhone for doing all your in-browser action. Sounds like a winner to me. And if Acer doesn't step up, I know another manufacturer will, so it's only a matter of time.

As for Acer's machine, the Taiwan-based company says it will be available to consumers in the second half of 2010.